iscopeoptics-logo-white-650px-2.pngWill the iScope fit my Scope?

Yes, the iScope will fit scopes with an eye piece measuring 31mm - 46mm in diameter. Any switches, knobs or dials on the eye piece may inhibit the use of the iScope.  Contact us for further questions.


Is the iScope made with quality materials?

Yes, the iScope is made of the highest quality materials, including Aircraft Grade Aluminum and high quality polymer plastic with 33% fiberglass for reinforcement.


Will the iSpotter fit my Spotting Scope or Binoculars?

Yes, the iSpotter will fit most binoculars and spotting scopes with an eye piece up to 60mm in diameter.  Any switches, knobs or dials on the eye piece may inhibit the use of the iSpotter. Contact us for further questions.


Which smartphones will fit on the iScope, iSpotter, iScope EO and iSpotter Sport?

  • Our new Universal backplate allows our products to fit to ANY smart phone today!


I've upgraded my smartphone. Do I have to purchase the full unit again?

No. The backplates are interchangeable with all our units so that way you do not have to buy another iScope if you switch to a different smartphone.  If you do not have one

of our new Universal backplates, simply purchase a new one and it will fit all smart phones.


Will the recoil of the gun hurt my Smartphone?

No. We have fully tested smartphones with no internal or external damage detected. However if you plan to use a shotgun or a gun with an

extreme amount of recoil then we suggest that you use the provided Rubber Recoil Bands. Simply place one band on the left and one on the right around the Smartphone and the back plate together so that your Smartphone will be secure and not pop out of the back plate during extreme recoil.


Does the iScope include a warranty?

Yes, the iScope Optics products come with a Lifetime Warranty.  Warranty info and details here.